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Avon, CT 06001
On-Location Training

GLOBALJET’s on-location aviation training crosses all levels of the aviation industry. Our time-tested teaching methodology creates a diverse learning environment that addresses different learning styles and maximizes information retention. Advanced, interactive technology engages students with both hands-on and visual lessons.

Instructors keep each student actively involved and mentally alert. Open-ended questions are used to encourage deeper discussions and system understanding. A conversational teaching style is used to determine areas that may need further instruction.

Instructors work to build an outstanding rapport with students, who frequently turn to them for follow-up aircraft maintenance questions.

Practical Training

Aircraft maintenance training focuses on useful, relevant, real maintenance training/troubleshooting on your aircraft, which immediately translates into increased safety and efficiency.

Instructors lead students through practical aircraft maintenance training exercises and everyday scenarios. Students develop both applied knowledge and concrete skills.

Interactive Training

GLOBALJET instructors use interactive teaching techniques to encourage student participation and enhance learning. Minimized lectures - keeping students on-task - create an active and energized exchange between student and instructor.

Instructors, as well as students, bring their personal aviation experience to the classroom for optimal practical learning.