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Avon, CT 06001
Nextant Aircraft

Providing On-location Maintenance Training for many Nextant aircraft types since 2013.

Approved Factory-Authorized EASA training provider for 400XT/XTi aircraft.

Premier government aviation safety agencies around the world recognize and approve GLOBALJET courses for aviation maintenance training.

Use our table to locate courses matched to your precise aircraft type needs. Matching courses will be highlighted in yellow.

GLOBALJET Course Types offered:

Initial Maintenance Training
FAA/TC-accepted 80-hour instruction covering all applicable ATA chapters
B1+B2 Theoretical Maintenance Training
EASA/CASA/GCAA-approved 80, 104, 120 or 160-hour instruction to meet Part 147 B1 theory certification requirements
B1+B2 Practical Maintenance Training
EASA/CASA/GCAA-approved 80-hour instruction to meet Part 147 B1 practical certification requirements
Line Maintenance Training
FAA-accepted 40-hour condensed instruction with emphasis on building practical experience
Refresher Maintenance Training
FAA-accepted 40-hour customizable instruction to meet specific customer needs
Electrical Interface Maintenance Training
FAA-accepted 40-hour instruction with focus on in-depth troubleshooting practices using cockpit-level indication messages and wiring diagrams
Generalization-Familiarization (Gen-Fam) Maintenance Training
FAA-accepted 40-hour instruction for those seeking a better understanding of the aircraft systems, servicing, and practical maintenance procedures
Aircraft Differences Maintenance Training
FAA-accepted 40-hour instruction with a sharply focused, detail-oriented comparison of similar aircraft models requiring separate type ratings
Nextant 400XTi Maintenance Training