Leonardo Aircraft Maintenance Training:
Leonardo AW139 Maintenance Training

The following courses are offered for the Leonardo AW139:

Initial Training Course

Our initial-level maintenance training courses cover all applicable ATA chapters, addressing rotary aircraft systems’ theory, operation, inspection, and servicing. We use a practical, interactive approach of instruction with the student.

Hands-on sessions will be conducted on available aircraft to acquire an applied understanding of rotary systems, and to participate in effective maintenance practices. The course examines LRU troubleshooting from a theoretical and functional perspective.

This comprehensive class is the ideal way to have your technicians productively respond to transitions within your fleet.

The following areas are covered:
  • Aircraft Layout
  • Component Locations
  • Basic Aircraft Systems Operation
  • Servicing
  • Ground Handling
  • Inspection Programs
  • Maintenance Manual Structure

Line Training Course

The line maintenance course is a condensed, 5-day session enabling technicians to understand rotary aircraft systems and servicing with an emphasis on practical experience to build aircraft maintenance skills.

Moderate troubleshooting is stressed and reinforced with actual hands-on sessions on available aircraft. Active student participation provides a better understanding of aircraft systems and effective maintenance practices.

For operations with technician scheduling and cost limitations, this option creates a highly productive solution.

Avionics Course

The aircraft-specific avionics course covers the avionics suite particular to this rotary aircraft. Using an interactive teaching methodology, students will learn the details of operational diagrams, wiring diagrams, and the avionics systems. The training also includes fault isolation, troubleshooting, and the use of applicable test equipment.

This course is designed for FAA technicians. All training is conducted to Level 3, according to ATA specification 104. The avionics class would include these topics:
  • Airframe Instruments review
  • Flight Instruments
  • Navigation Instruments
  • Wiring / Bonding
  • Communication Systems
  • Radio Navigation Systems
  • Non-radio Navigation Systems

A good understanding of basic avionics is suggested. (We also offer 40-hour classes in each of the following: Avionics Essentials Part I and Part II).
Refresher Course

Our refresher course is an excellent option where course agenda can be customized to meet your needs. We will work with the customer to focus on select systems that meet your specific training criteria. These courses also dedicate a majority of time toward an applied approach to rotary aircraft maintenance. The refresher classes offer premium value for operations with cost or scheduling constraints.