The following is a list of approved courses Global Jet Services, Inc. has with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). For a schedule of when these courses are being offered please check our training schedule or contact our sales team.

Because we are continually adding new aircraft and courses, if the aircraft or course you need is not listed, please contact us and we can provide you with the most current list of approvals and those we have pending.

Federal Aviation Administration Accepted Courses
Aircraft Training
Beech 400A to Nextant 400XT/XTi Differences24
Beech1900D Line Maintenance40
Beechcraft Premier 1/1A Electrical Interface40
Beechcraft Premier 1/1A General Familiarization40
Beechcraft Premier 1/1A Initial 64
Beechcraft Premier 1/1A Line Maintenance40
Beechcraft Premier 1/1A Refresher40
Beechjet 400/400A/400XP Electrical Interface40
Beechjet 400/400A/400XP Engine-Run16
Beechjet 400/400A/400XP General Familiarization40
Beechjet 400/400A/400XP Initial64
Beechjet 400/400A/400XP Line Maintenance40
Beechjet 400/400A/400XP Refresher40
Beechjet 400/400A/400XP/Nextant 400 XT/XTi Electrical Interface40
Beechjet 400/400A/400XP/Nextant 400 XT/XTi General Familiarization40
Beechjet 400/400A/400XP/Nextant 400 XT/XTi Initial64
Beechjet 400/400A/400XP/Nextant 400 XT/XTi Line Maintenance40
Beechjet 400/400A/400XP/Nextant 400 XT/XTi Refresher40
CASA 235 Avionics40
CASA 235 Electrical Interface40
CASA 235 General Familiarization40
CASA 235 Initial 80
CASA 235 Line Maintenance40
CASA 235 Loadmaster Training40
CASA 235 Refresher40
Challenger 300/350 Electrical Interface40
Challenger 300/350 Engine-Run16
Challenger 300/350 General Familiarization40
Challenger 300/350 Initial80
Challenger 300/350 Line Maintenance40
Challenger 300/350 Refresher40
Challenger 600 Electrical Interface40
Challenger 600 Engine-Run16
Challenger 600 General Familiarization40
Challenger 600 Initial80
Challenger 600 Line Maintenance40
Challenger 600 Refresher40
Challenger 601 to 604/605 Differences40
Challenger 601-1A/3A/3R Electrical Interface40
Challenger 601-1A/3A/3R Engine-Run16
Challenger 601-1A/3A/3R General Familiarization40
Challenger 601-1A/3A/3R Initial80
Challenger 601-1A/3A/3R Line Maintenance40
Challenger 601-1A/3A/3R Refresher40
Challenger 604/605/650 Electrical Interface40
Challenger 604/605/650 General Familiarization40
Challenger 604/605/650 Initial80
Challenger 604/605/650 Line Maintenance40
Challenger 604/605/650 Refresher40
Citation 500/501/550/551 Electrical Interface40
Citation 500/501/550/551 General Familiarization40
Citation 500/501/550/551 Initial 80
Citation 500/501/550/551 Line Maintenance40
Citation 500/501/550/551 Refresher 40
Citation 525/525a Electrical Interface40
Citation 525/525a General Familiarization40
Citation 525/525a Initial 80
Citation 525/525a Line Maintenance40
Citation 525/525a Refresher40
Citation 525b Electrical Interface40
Citation 525b General Familiarization40
Citation 525b Initial80
Citation 525b Line Maintenance40
Citation 525b Refresher40
Citation 550 Bravo Electrical Interface40
Citation 550 Bravo General Familiarization40
Citation 550 Bravo Initial80
Citation 550 Bravo Line Maintenance40
Citation 550 Bravo Refresher40
Citation 560 - V/Ultra/Encore Electrical Interface40
Citation 560 - V/Ultra/Encore Engine Rigging40
Citation 560 - V/Ultra/Encore General Familiarization40
Citation 560 - V/Ultra/Encore Initial80
Citation 560 - V/Ultra/Encore Line Maintenance40
Citation 560 - V/Ultra/Encore Refresher40
Citation 560 XL/XLS/XLS+ Electrical Interface40
Citation 560 XL/XLS/XLS+ General Familiarization40
Citation 560 XL/XLS/XLS+ Initial80
Citation 560 XL/XLS/XLS+ Line Maintenance40
Citation 560 XL/XLS/XLS+ Refresher40
Citation 650 Electrical Interface40
Citation 650 General Familiarization40
Citation 650 Initial80
Citation 650 Line Maintenance40
Citation 650 Refresher40
Citation 680 Electrical Interface40
Citation 680 General Familiarization40
Citation 680 Initial80
Citation 680 Line Maintenance40
Citation 680 Refresher40
Citation 680+ Electrical Interface40
Citation 680+ General Familiarization40
Citation 680+ Initial80
Citation 680+ Line Maintenance40
Citation 680+ Refresher40
Citation 750 Electrical Interface40
Citation 750 Engine Run and Taxi16
Citation 750 General Familiarization40
Citation 750 Initial80
Citation 750 Line Maintenance40
Citation 750 Refresher40
Citation 750X+ Electrical Interface40
Citation 750X+ General Familiarization40
Citation 750X+ Initial80
Citation 750X+ Line Maintenance40
Citation 750X+ Refresher40
Falcon 10 Electrical Interface40
Falcon 10 Engine-Run16
Falcon 10 General Familiarization40
Falcon 10 Initial80
Falcon 10 Line Maintenance40
Falcon 10 Refresher40
Falcon 20 Electrical Interface40
Falcon 20 General Familiarization40
Falcon 20 Initial80
Falcon 20 Line Maintenance40
Falcon 20 Refresher40
Falcon 20-5 Electrical Interface40
Falcon 20-5 General Familiarization40
Falcon 20-5 Initial80
Falcon 20-5 Line Maintenance40
Falcon 20-5 Refresher40
Falcon 200 Electrical Interface40
Falcon 200 General Familiarization40
Falcon 200 Initial80
Falcon 200 Line Maintenance40
Falcon 200 Refresher40
Falcon 2000 Electrical Interface40
Falcon 2000 General Familiarization40
Falcon 2000 Initial80
Falcon 2000 Line Maintenance40
Falcon 2000 Refresher40
Falcon 2000 to 2000EX EASy/DX/LX/S Differences80
Falcon 2000EX EASy/DX/LX/S Electrical Interface40
Falcon 2000EX EASy/DX/LX/S General Familiarization40
Falcon 2000EX EASy/DX/LX/S Initial80
Falcon 2000EX EASy/DX/LX/S Line Maintenance40
Falcon 2000EX EASy/DX/LX/S Refresher40
Falcon 50 Electrical Interface40
Falcon 50 General Familiarization40
Falcon 50 Initial80
Falcon 50 Line Maintenance40
Falcon 50 Refresher40
Falcon 50EX Electrical Interface40
Falcon 50EX General Familiarization40
Falcon 50EX Initial80
Falcon 50EX Line Maintenance40
Falcon 50EX Refresher40
Falcon 900/900B Electrical Interface40
Falcon 900/900B General Familiarization40
Falcon 900/900B Initial80
Falcon 900/900B Line Maintenance40
Falcon 900/900B Refresher40
Falcon 900C Electrical Interface40
Falcon 900C General Familiarization40
Falcon 900C Initial80
Falcon 900C Line Maintenance40
Falcon 900C Refresher40
Falcon 900EX EASy Electrical Interface40
Falcon 900EX EASy General Familiarization40
Falcon 900EX EASy Initial80
Falcon 900EX EASy Line Maintenance40
Falcon 900EX EASy Refresher40
Falcon 900EX Electrical Interface40
Falcon 900EX General Familiarization40
Falcon 900EX Initial80
Falcon 900EX Line Maintenance40
Falcon 900EX Refresher40
Global 5000 GVFD/6000 Avionics40
Global 5000 GVFD/6000 Differences40
Global 5000 GVFD/6000 Electrical Interface40
Global 5000 GVFD/6000 General Familiarization40
Global 5000 GVFD/6000 Initial80
Global 5000 GVFD/6000 Line Maintenance40
Global 5000 GVFD/6000 Refresher40
Global Express/Global 5000/6000 Engine-Run16
Global Express/XRS/Global 5000 Electrical Interface40
Global Express/XRS/Global 5000 General Familiarization40
Global Express/XRS/Global 5000 Initial80
Global Express/XRS/Global 5000 Line Maintenance40
Global Express/XRS/Global 5000 Refresher40
Gulfstream G450 Electrical Interface40
Gulfstream G450 General Familiarization40
Gulfstream G450 Initial80
Gulfstream G450 Line Maintenance40
Gulfstream G450 Refresher40
Gulfstream G550 Electrical Interface40
Gulfstream G550 General Familiarization40
Gulfstream G550 Initial80
Gulfstream G550 Line Maintenance40
Gulfstream G550 Refresher40
Gulfstream G550 to GV/G450 Differences40
Gulfstream G650 Electrical Interface40
Gulfstream G650 General Familiarization40
Gulfstream G650 Initial80
Gulfstream G650 Line Maintenance40
Gulfstream G650 Refresher40
Gulfstream GIV Avionics40
Gulfstream GIV Electrical Interface40
Gulfstream GIV General Familiarization40
Gulfstream GIV Initial80
Gulfstream GIV Line Maintenance40
Gulfstream GIV Refresher40
Gulfstream GIV/GIV-X Engine-Run16
Gulfstream GV Avionics40
Gulfstream GV Electrical Interface40
Gulfstream GV General Familiarization40
Gulfstream GV Initial80
Gulfstream GV Line Maintenance40
Gulfstream GV Refresher40
Gulfstream GV to G550 Differences40
Gulfstream GV-SP Avionics40
Gulfstream GV/G550 Engine-Run16
Gulfstream II/III Electrical Interface40
Gulfstream II/III Engine-Run16
Gulfstream II/III General Familiarization40
Gulfstream II/III Initial80
Gulfstream II/III Line Maintenance40
Gulfstream II/III Refresher40
Hawker 4000 Electrical Interface40
Hawker 4000 General Familiarization40
Hawker 4000 Initial80
Hawker 4000 Line Maintenance40
Hawker 4000 Refresher40
Hawker 700/800 Electrical Interface40
Hawker 700/800 Engine-Run16
Hawker 700/800 General Familiarization40
Hawker 700/800 Initial80
Hawker 700/800 Line Maintenance40
Hawker 700/800 Refresher40
Hawker 750/800XP/850XP/900XP Avionics40
Hawker 750/800XP/850XP/900XP Electrical Interface40
Hawker 750/800XP/850XP/900XP Engine-Run16
Hawker 750/800XP/850XP/900XP General Familiarization40
Hawker 750/800XP/850XP/900XP Initial80
Hawker 750/800XP/850XP/900XP Line Maintenance40
Hawker 750/800XP/850XP/900XP Refresher40
King Air 200 Electrical Interface40
King Air 200 General Familiarization40
King Air 200 Initial80
King Air 200 Line Maintenance40
King Air 200 Refresher40
King Air 200/B200 Engine Rigging40
King Air 300 to 200 differences24
King Air 300/350 Electrical Interface40
King Air 300/350 General Familiarization40
King Air 300/350 Initial80
King Air 300/350 Line Maintenance40
King Air 300/350 Refresher40
King Air 300/350 Series Avionics40
King Air 300/B300 Engine Rigging40
King Air 90 Electrical Interface40
King Air 90 General Familiarization40
King Air 90 Initial80
King Air 90 Line Maintenance40
King Air 90 Refresher40
King Air 90/200/300/350 Initial104
King Air Environmental Systems 200/300 Series40
LearJet 31 Electrical Interface40
LearJet 31 General Familiarization40
LearJet 31 Initial80
LearJet 31 Line Maintenance40
LearJet 31 Refresher40
LearJet 35/36 Electrical Interface40
LearJet 35/36 General Familiarization40
LearJet 35/36 Initial80
LearJet 35/36 Line Maintenance40
LearJet 35/36 Refresher40
LearJet 40/40XR – 45/45XR Electrical Interface40
LearJet 40/45 – 40XR/45XR Engine-Run16
LearJet 40/45 – 40XR/45XR General Familiarization40
LearJet 40/45 – 40XR/45XR Initial80
LearJet 40/45 – 40XR/45XR Line Maintenance40
LearJet 40/45 – 40XR/45XR Refresher40
LearJet 60/60XR Electrical Interface40
LearJet 60/60XR General Familiarization40
LearJet 60/60XR Initial80
LearJet 60/60XR Line Maintenance40
LearJet 60/60XR Refresher40
LearJet 70/75 Initial80
LearJet 70/75 Line Maintenance40
Legacy 450/500 Avionics40
Legacy 450/500 Electrical Interface40
Legacy 450/500 General Familiarization40
Legacy 450/500 Initial80
Legacy 450/500 Line Maintenance40
Legacy 450/500 Refresher40
Legacy 600 Electrical Interface40
Legacy 600 General Familiarization40
Legacy 600 Initial80
Legacy 600 Line Maintenance40
Legacy 600 Refresher40
Phenom 300 Electrical Interface40
Phenom 300 General Familiarization40
Phenom 300 Initial80
Phenom 300 Line Maintenance40
Phenom 300 Refresher40
Systems and Troubleshooting
APS 500 Auxiliary Power Unit - T39/T4014
APS 500 Auxiliary Power Unit – T2012
Essentials of Troubleshooting8
ADS-B for NextGen8
Advanced Avionics40
Aging Aircraft Wiring8
Basic Avionics40
Essential Avionics (Part 1)40
Essential Avionics (Part 2)40
FAR 91.411/91.413 (RVSM) In Depth24
FAR 91.411/91.413 (RVSM) Initial16
FAR 91.411/91.413 (RVSM) Refresher8
Intermediate Avionics40
Practical Aircraft Wiring40
Professional Development
Aviation Finance For Technicians8
Aviation International Etiquette8
Aviation Interpersonal Maintenance Management (AIMM)40
Aviation Interpersonal Maintenance Management (AIMM) Refresher24
Aviation Maintenance Resource Management (MRM)16
Aviation Maintenance Resource Management (MRM) Refresher8
Effective Writing and Communications8
Project Management for the Aviation Professional16
Safety Programs
Aviation Safety Management Systems (SMS)16
Human Factors for the Aviation Professional16
Human Factors for the Aviation Professional Refresher8
Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations16
AET - 1 Aircraft Electronics Technician, Basic Electronics - Online8
AET - 2 Aircraft Electronics Technician, Intermediate Electronics - Online8
AET - 3 Aircraft Electronics Technician, Advanced Electronics - Online6
AET - Bundle - Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Electronics - Online22
Barfield 450 - Online8
Challenger 604/605 Engine & APU Run - Online8
Citation 560 XLS Engine & APU Run - Online6
FAR 91.411/91.413 (RVSM) - Online4
Gulfstream G550 Engine & APU Run - Online8
Hawker 750/800XP/850XP/900XP PL 21 Engine & APU Run - Online8
Human Factors - Online4
Laversab 6300 - Online4
Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) - Online2