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Avon, CT 06001
Dassault Aircraft

Providing On-location Maintenance Training for many Dassault Falcon aircraft types since 1997.

Premier government aviation safety agencies around the world recognize and approve GLOBALJET courses for aviation maintenance training.

Dassault Factory-Authorized Training Provider for Classic aircraft. Falcon: 10, 20, 20-5, 2000, 2000EX, 50, 50EX, 900, 900C, and 900EX.

Use our table to locate courses matched to your precise aircraft type needs. Matching courses will be highlighted in yellow.

GLOBALJET Course Types offered:

Initial Maintenance Training
FAA/TC-accepted 80-hour instruction covering all applicable ATA chapters
B1+B2 Theoretical Maintenance Training
EASA/CASA/GCAA-approved 80, 104, 120 or 160-hour instruction to meet Part 147 B1 theory certification requirements
B1+B2 Practical Maintenance Training
EASA/CASA/GCAA-approved 80-hour instruction to meet Part 147 B1 practical certification requirements
Line Maintenance Training
FAA-accepted 40-hour condensed instruction with emphasis on building practical experience
Refresher Maintenance Training
FAA-accepted 40-hour customizable instruction to meet specific customer needs
Electrical Interface Maintenance Training
FAA-accepted 40-hour instruction with focus on in-depth troubleshooting practices using cockpit level indication messages and wiring diagrams
Generalization-Familiarization (Gen-Fam) Maintenance Training
FAA-accepted 40-hour instruction for those seeking a better understanding of the aircraft systems, servicing and practical maintenance procedures
Aircraft Differences Maintenance Training
FAA-accepted 40-hour instruction with a sharply focused, detail-oriented comparison of similar aircraft models requiring separate type ratings
Falcon F10/100 Maintenance Training
Falcon F20 Maintenance Training
Falcon F200 Maintenance Training
Falcon F20-5 Maintenance Training
Falcon F2000 Maintenance Training
Falcon F2000EX EASy Maintenance Training
Falcon F50 Maintenance Training
Falcon F50EX Maintenance Training
Falcon F900/B Maintenance Training
Falcon F900C/EX Maintenance Training
Falcon F900EX EASy Maintenance Training