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The spring of 2020 has made its mark in the history books; yet, in the midst of the difficulties, many remarkable and necessary things have happened. Companies forged new ways of doing business. Priorities were adjusted, and appreciation was given to those carrying the heaviest load. With tough lessons learned, the search for normalcy is now the quest. GLOBALJET’s team of developers, instructors, sales, and other staff will be there to help you and your technicians on that journey. We will continue to put your needs first.


In corporate aviation, the benefits will present themselves as commercial flights become bogged down in the details of protecting the average customer. As the speed to conduct business has always been the challenge, private and company aircraft are still the best way to tackle the time deficit. This increase in demand makes it imperative that aircraft are operational and ready for use. Flight departments need their technicians to be physically and mentally prepared to accept this challenge, a challenge that inevitably means training.


GLOBALJET’s Triple Training Solution is the answer to minimizing the impact on flight departments, repair stations, and private operations. With tools such as instructor-led training (On-Location), Live Interactive Virtual Education (L.I.V.E.), and self-paced study (E-Learning), individuals, teams, and entire departments have options that fit their unique situation. Whether it be classroom, video conferencing, or personal home education, the focus has always been on providing you quality training that is flexible and cost-effective.


This flexibility made itself increasingly apparent as our staff maintained regular operations and focus, continually providing you with world-class training, while following the government's mandate to work-from-home. Since we couldn't come to you, we took our home to yours, so that the education you needed was always accessible. We successfully accomplished more than a month of FAA approved and IA renewal training using L.I.V.E, proving that L.I.V.E. is a viable option for those who may need it.


Our mainstay, On-Location Training, continues to be the aviation industries’ most cost-effective way of providing in-person education. We save you money by allowing your team to remain at your location, and our instructor comes equipped with the knowledge, experience, and professional training material to ensure you receive the training you need to do your job effectively and safely.


GLOBALJET’s training is FAA approved and EASA, UAE-GCAA, CASA, and TC certified to provide the highest standard in aviation training.


Whether it be from our offices, our homes, or at your location, we are here for you.


Rich Bean

President, GLOBALJET