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In photo: Rich Bean, President GLOBALJET, JD McHenry, CEO GLOBALJET, Ed Bolen, CEO and President NBAA.

In its continual effort to help aviation personnel to excel in this industry, GLOBALJET recognizes Ed Bolen as a person with a “b!~more” attitude and drive. His concern and devotion to the field of aviation is represented by the pillars of Education, Community, Mentorship, and Partnership of the b!~more campaign. The education and leadership he has provided over the years has been a guiding flame for future generations to follow. From the time he was the captain of his university tennis team to representing aerospace, and each of us on Capital Hill, Ed has shown the diversity it takes to be engaged in life, family, work, and those of his community. Through his mentorship he sets the example as a professional that teaches with wisdom and experience because of his years as an advisor to US presidents, NASA, manufactures, and suppliers. When the recession was at it peak, it was his “No Plane, No Gain,” platform that not only brought us out of its depths. It was his knowledge of business world’s need for great aviation partners that brought General Aviation, the business community, and the private sector back together again.

It has been 15 years since he took the left seat as President and Chief Executive Officer of the NBAA, and this convention bears the fruits of his labors.

Ed, we at GLOBALJET want to thank you for the example you have set as being more in your career. You are the flame that lights the way.