Global Jet Services provides a total solution that delivers on all expectations; unmatched for value, quality and flexibility in the aviation maintenance training industry.

Premier government aviation safety agencies around the world recognize and approve Global Jet Services courses for aviation maintenance and professional development training.

We generally offer at least five separate course categories for each manufacturer or aircraft type. If you desire a course to be customized to meet your needs, call our sales staff with your request or click on Request Info to the left.


Our initial-level maintenance training courses cover all applicable ATA chapters, addressing aircraft systems’ theory, operation, inspection, and servicing. We use a practical, interactive approach of instruction with the student.

Hands-on sessions will be conducted on available aircraft to acquire an applied understanding of aircraft systems, and to participate in effective maintenance practices. The course examines LRU troubleshooting from a theoretical and functional perspective.

This comprehensive class is the ideal way to have your technicians productively respond to transitions within your fleet.

B1 THEORETICAL COURSES (80 / 104 / 120 Hours) (EASA / GCAA / CASA)

Global Jet Services offers on-location EASA B1 Theoretical aviation maintenance training courses for most major business aviation class aircraft.

Our instructional staff is unmatched within the aircraft maintenance training industry for success, experience, and value to the customer.

With decades of proven experience on their specific, focused, set of aircraft types, each instructor brings a wealth of knowledge to each technician they train.

This focused dedication makes Global Jet Services the ideal choice for aircraft technicians requiring EASA Part 147 B1 Theoretical certification.

Currently, with over 80 EASA-approved Part 147 B1 / B2 Theoretical and Practical training courses available, Global Jet Services continues to enhance its strong commitment to serving the worldwide business aviation maintenance community.


Global Jet Services also offers on-location EASA Part 147 B1 Practical aviation maintenance training courses for most major business aviation aircraft.

Our team of exceptional instructors will share their wealth of practical knowledge to provide clarity and detail during the various component and system testing, locating, removal, installation and troubleshooting sessions. The technician will enjoy the many meaningful benefits of a fulfilling and rewarding training experience with our staff.

All Practical courses are fully compliant with EASA Part 66, appendix III requirements, and cover a broad cross section of task types and complexity levels.


The line maintenance course is a condensed, 5-day session enabling technicians to understand aircraft systems and servicing with an emphasis on practical experience to build aircraft maintenance skills.

Moderate troubleshooting is stressed and reinforced with actual hands-on sessions on available aircraft. Active student participation provides a better understanding of aircraft systems and effective maintenance practices.

For operations with technician scheduling and cost limitations, this option creates a highly productive solution.


This course is a combination of refresher, in-depth troubleshooting practices, and tracing wiring diagrams. Global Jet Services employs a "white glove" approach where the majority of investigative work can be performed without using tools. Troubleshooting is performed from the cockpit level, using indication messages, support documentation, and wiring diagrams.

This is an intensive session with active classroom participation and considered an essential course for all proactive technicians.

REFRESHER (40 Hours)

Our refresher course is an excellent option where course agenda can be customized to meet your needs. We will work with the customer to focus on select systems that meet your specific training criteria. These courses also dedicate a majority of time toward an applied approach to aircraft maintenance. The refresher classes offer premium value for operations with cost or scheduling constraints.


Aircraft differences courses are a sharply focused, detail oriented comparison of similar aircraft models that require separate type ratings. The focus is on those systems that are significantly different between two aircraft models that otherwise share a large portion of other, main systems in common. The emphasis is on building upon what the student already knows about a particular aircraft model and filling the gaps relating to the new model.


The General-Familiarization maintenance course is a 5-day course that will help technicians understand the aircraft systems, servicing, and practical know-how to maintain the aircraft properly. The course is for the technician that has similar aircraft experience and also for the manager or scheduler who wants a better understanding of the aircraft. If the aircraft is available, actual hands-on practices will be conducted to ensure a complete understanding of aircraft systems and ‘real-world’ maintenance practices.

The GEN-FAM class offers an excellent way to expand technician productivity.

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